Terms of service

• These policies are part of the Terms of Use, and are provided in an effort to provide guidance to users of NivaOnline services. The policies here will be revised, from time to time, based on circumstances determined by NivaOnline. The final interpretation of these policies is in the sole discretion of NivaOnline.

1. Definitions of the Terms used in these Service Policies.

• "Services" means the use of the NivaOnline website content including, but not limited to, the games and other programs which are linked to the NivaOnline websites available through the internet.

• "User Account" shall mean the relationship under which a person or an entity has the right to utilize a User Name to access the NivaOnline Services, subject to the right of NivaOnline to limit, refuse or terminate such access.

• "User Name" means the combination of English letters and numbers selected by the user and accepted by NivaOnline in order to distinguish each user. This term, when used with the initial capital letters, does not refer to the real name of the user.

• “Service Agreement" means the Terms of Use.

• “https://www.play-niva.com/ account information” (also referred to as "account information")" means information identifying a particular User Account including User name, Password, and other information collected during registration.

• "Password" means a combination of characters and numbers chosen by the User for user identification and protection.

• "Game Character” (also referred to as the "character") means the data (including, but not limited to, name, level, experience, weapons, clothing, etc.) which is utilized by the User to participate in online games.

• "Premium Service" refers to the actions and operations related to the purchasing, utilizing money, of certain goods or services that may be used to access a game or within a game.

• "Free Service" and "Standard Service" refers to all NivaOnline Services that are not Premium Services

2. Activating Account Information

• A User Account will be effective only if the User agrees to these Terms of Use and provides other information pursuant to which NivaOnline elects to activate that User Account.

• Each User Name, even if owned by a single User, must separately agree to these Terms of Use.

• NivaOnline reserves the right to suspend or cancel any User Account which was obtained.

• NivaOnline has the right to accept or reject any request for a User Account in its sole discretion and such access is always subject to technical availability of necessary systems and information.

3. Premium Services

• NivaOnline offers Premium Service which may, from time to time, provide specified additional benefits and options. In order to benefit from offered Premium Services, users have to login to their account via NivaOnline website and purchase "Silk" on the character linked to their account and by using "Silk" they have purchased in the game.

• Any charges which you incur for Premium Service are non-refundable. You are solely responsible to control access to your Password so as to protect your User Account and any financial transactions.

4. NivaOnline Responsibilities

• NivaOnline will utilize reasonable business efforts to correct errors in the NivaOnline Services.

• NivaOnline will utilize reasonable business efforts to comply with the NivaOnline Privacy Policy.

• NivaOnline will utilize reasonable business efforts to repair or recover from NivaOnline system errors in an expeditious manner so as to provide continuous and stable services. Such recovery may require use of backup data which may not include the most recent changes to Characters. As stated in these Terms of Use, NivaOnline is not responsible for any loss incurred by Users as a result of such operational issues.

• NivaOnline intends to offer convenience to the users in the execution of this Service Agreement and in understanding the procedures related to this Service Agreement.

5. User Responsibilities

• Users must safeguard their password and any other non-public Account Information. NivaOnline is not responsible to replace, restore, repair, reimburse or otherwise modify any Character based on unauthorized access to a User Account. Therefore, it is solely the responsibility of the User to ensure that the password is unique and secret.

• Users shall not attempt to obtain or use the password from any account other than a User Account which is registered to them. Nor shall Users attempt to access the NivaOnline Services in any way which is contrary to these Terms of Use.

• Users may not access, or attempt to access, the software, database or other information stored on servers operated by NivaOnline in any manner whatsoever except in the manner intended by NivaOnline.

• Users may not utilize any NivaOnline Services for the purpose of advertising, promoting or selling any goods or services, whether or not they are related to NivaOnline services. This includes, but is not limited to, using in-game communication facilities for such purposes.

• Users shall not violate other people's rights by using the NivaOnline Services in violation of the public peace and morality. Remember that there are many users with different nationalities, races, religions, ages and other distinctions. Users must try to make all communications, using NivaOnline Services, in a manner which will allow all of the other users to enjoy their time utilizing NivaOnline Services.

• Users shall not utilize the NivaOnline Services for the purpose of stalking, annoying, harassing, embarrassing or otherwise annoying any other person or company.

• Users shall not utilize the NivaOnline Services, or any other means, to obtain any passwords, to insert any Trojan horse, timebomb, harvester, bot or otherwise, through hardware, software or social engineering, to access the NivaOnline Services, or the property of any user of the NivaOnline Services, in any manner which is not intended by NivaOnline.

• Most of our Users are very nice people who enjoy the NivaOnline Services. A few of them require warnings, suspensions or even banning from the NivaOnline Services or, in unusual circumstances, even more severe corrective action such as civil or criminal prosecution. We do not believe it is necessary or productive to list every type of misconduct, so we have not done so. However, as noted, NivaOnline reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take any appropriate action to ensure that NivaOnline, and the bulk of the NivaOnline Users, have a pleasant and fun experience in a manner which supports the business interests of NivaOnline.


Server Time


23 / 2000

Mastery:440 / 220
EXP & SP20x
Gold drop4x
Items drop1x
Sox drop1x
Guild Limit24
Union Limit2
Guild Penalty3
Job Penalty7
PC Limit4
Fortress War

Jangan Fortress:Tax 0%
Sahibi Yok
Hotan Fortress:Tax 0%
Bandit Fortress:Tax 0%
Sahibi Yok