Refund policy


• "Silk" is the virtual currency that are added to user account on game.

• "Silk" is a special currency in the game. The user can purchase virtual items by using the silk purchased from the NivaOnline website in the "Item Mall" section of the game.

Refund Conditions

• NivaOnline offers refunds to users registered on the NivaOnline website and who has purchased "Silk" to the character in the game. To use this condition, "Silk" should not be used after the purchase of the character linked to the user account. The user has the right to request a refund for 14 days from the purchase of "Silk". During this period, you can cancel your purchase and request a refund. You may use your withdrawal right by contacting PaymentWall within 14 days of payment. If the return request is approved, the amount of "Silk" purchased by the user account is reduced to the previous state.

• NivaOnline blocks access to the user account in case of misuse of refunds offered by NivaOnline. The abuse condition is that the request for reimbursement is made using "İpek" in the character linked to the user account.

• User must make refund requests via Paymentwall. NivaOnline does not take into account any requests from user in this regard.


Server Time


23 / 2000

Mastery:440 / 220
EXP & SP20x
Gold drop4x
Items drop1x
Sox drop1x
Guild Limit24
Union Limit2
Guild Penalty3
Job Penalty7
PC Limit4
Fortress War

Jangan Fortress:Tax 0%
Sahibi Yok
Hotan Fortress:Tax 0%
Bandit Fortress:Tax 0%
Sahibi Yok